The Story

The Story


Many top-level solutions for customers who always has new requirements.

And 'the great promise of a specialized agency for sale in Pescara, which offers homes of different sizes and properties of first quality.

Savini Estate in Pescara leads the industry with regard to estimates, trade and secure transactions.

It 'a reference point for the sector, thanks to the many announcements which are provided with different types of solutions, of different size houses, villas, chalets and apartments of all kinds.

Mirco Savini is the founder of the agency, with the experience actually gained over more than ten years of real estate intermediation service.

To take care of the homes for sale in Pescara is a technical staff composed of architects, surveyors, consultants and webmasters.

The staff is always willing to work according to the principles of the company, which are summed up in style, professionalism, passion, clarity and reliability.

The human side never takes a back seat, and it shows the way the customer is treated: with courtesy and respect, certain that empathy is an important feature, capable of putting every insider in a position to better understand the actual expectations of the customer.

The Savini Estate in Pescara provides real estate consulting and services for the sale and rental of houses and other properties, in Pescara and all the Abruzzo.

The company is active not only in real estate, even in all those services related to Our expanding activities in internet services and visual marketing.

The attention to detail is one of the hallmarks of the company, always taking into account what the customer expects.

Being able to recognize what are the objectives of the client is one of the priorities of the team that is only stable top level and maximum reliability.

It works to achieve customer satisfaction.

To achieve this there is a commitment every day to meet the demand and supply.

Among the agency's aims is also the diversification of the proposal, with a wide range of possibilities of different size apartments and villas.

All taking advantage of a consolidated working method in time and perfected day by day.

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